American Poltergeist (Buffed Back Remix feat. @edwoodley) @chinaheights (at China Heights Gallery)

James And The Jirat Patradoons: The Animated Series Episode 01 The Kidnapping Of Rick Owens…just kidding, here is part of a series I did with Capita Snowboards called The Outsiders that just dropped @capitasupercorp (at JIRAT PARIS SHOWROOM)

Here’s one of my old @boysnoize flyers with a @neighborhood_official incense burner, via @spillzay who has very good taste

Unused work for Truant, held up in customs for being too depressing (at JIRAT PARIS SHOWROOM)


Anonymous asked:

If you like the look of traditional media so much, why do them digitally?



While I’ve probably got a 32 page research paper worth of long-winded answers to this in me — covering everything from modern professional workflows in the commercial art industry, to the convergence of art and technology, down to the value of skeuomorphism in the digital age — at the end of the day, I just like the way it looks and don’t want my jeans to be covered in paint stains anymore.


Process for ‘A Ghost To Avenge’ based on that scene in Twin Peaks when you see Bob for the first time

Last day to catch Truant, I’ll be minding the gallery till 5 (at China Heights Gallery)

I’m minding Truant at China Heights Gallery for the weekend, 12-5pm, come by! (at China Heights Gallery)

TRUANT opens tonight at China Heights Gallery!! 6-9pm, L3, 16-38 Foster St, Surry Hills 💀🏈🍸🍧 @chinaheights (at China Heights Gallery)

TRUANT opens this Friday Night 26th September at China Heights Gallery 6-9pm! (at China Heights Gallery)


Anonymous asked:

where did you get that leather jacket!?


Which leather jacket?


woolie-at-midnight asked:

How did you make an art style for yourself?


It was completely by accident, I started off trying to make an art style reminiscent of generic American comics but over time I would discover objects, textures, and linework that I liked drawing. I can change styles for work but I always find myself coming back to a style that I enjoy doing. When I’m no longer satisfied with it I move on.

Enjoying sleeping would probably be the most detrimental thing to my practice. The only time I want to sleep is when I wake up.

…aaand it’s not Twin Peaks fan fiction without Bob, see you Friday! (at JIRAT PARIS SHOWROOM)


This month i’ve been taking part in an artist’s residency at the RVCA Corner Gallery in Melbourne, preparing work for my next show and looking after James Jirat Patradoon's current show HYDRA.

I’ll be there, along with James’ work until the end of the month. If you’re in the area come and check it out.